As a young man, Jonathan received Salvation and Redemption through Jesus, the Anointed-One of God. He married later in the same year (a marriage which continues to this day and beyond in full measure). Two years later, he began serving the Lord as integral part of a worship team and in small home group discipleship. Jonathan has served with zeal and distinction in various ministry support roles, including deacon, elder, worship leader as well as pastor and board member of a para-church ministry which ministered educationally to the children of the poor. From that first year of serving, Jonathan also began reading the entire Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation on an annual basis, putting the instruction and understanding into personal practice, while voluntarily abstaining from television and secular radio. He has had the privilege of personally leading 30+ people to Salvation in Christ through one-on-one, face-to-face ministry, as well as discipling a number of them. -- All while providing top-notch, industry-recognized professional IT services to his clients without disruption or fail.

Some years later, Jonathan was involved in Blood N Fire ministries and began to establish many quiet back-channel relationships across numerous ministries (in order to learn, encourage, and enjoy a broad Christian fellowship crossing many cultural, social, national, ethnic, linguistic and denominational barriers). By 2001, Jonathan had ministered abroad successfully in Fiji and India, sharing the Love of God, the Good News of Redemption through trust in Jesus, and the testimony of a personal and endearing relationship with our Heavenly Father through Jesus.

In 2003, Pastor Jonathan was called to a specific season of full-time ministry which included Bible Translation and Biblical Lexicography as well as pastoral duties in the field, supporting those who were serving the poor in a desperate, criminally-hardened and life-threatening area of Cobb County, and also ministering to the hurting.

In 2007, Jonathan's primary calling shifted heavily to full-time Bible Translation. His Greek and Hebrew Bible dictionaries are used in an international Bible software package developed and distributed from Greece and is used world-wide. Special hand-crafted editions of the Mickelson Greek and Hebrew Bible dictionaries were lovingly and painstakingly developed for, officially adopted by, and distributed by the Thailand Bible Society in service to their nation. The Library of Congress has received the 3rd editions of the Mickelson Clarified Translation (MCT) NT Interlinear and its companion MCT NT Greek Dictionary, as well as the 1st editions of MCT Old Testament Scholar and its companion dictionary. By 2016, Jonathan had completed more than 66 full readings of the New Testament (3 aloud) and more than 16 full readings of the Old Testament, not including countless hours of study and research (in excess of 30,000). Even during this season of full-time ministry, Jonathan continued to provide lasting IT solutions to international companies and to small locally owned businesses and ministries as occasions warranted.

Jonathan is a family man with two grown children having graduated from college (Georgia Tech and Barry College). Each of his children personally know and honor the Lord Jesus. Jonathan is also an accomplished musician of the Lord and was invited to participate extensively and to record on the Blood N Fire album titled "Blood N Fire Live!" recorded by One Way Productions. He has ministered instrumentally in various cultural and church settings in the U.S. and abroad.

Lest anyone should have any doubt, I, Jonathan K Mickelson, am eternally Redeemed through a personal trust in Jesus Christ, my precious Lord and Savior who died on the Cross, rose again, and now lives, and also abides with me and me in him. I am bought and redeemed with an exquisite price, and called to serve with highest integrity in many capacities. I will not compromise my identity as a Redeemed Kinsman of Jesus Anointed, which is my eternal birthright and my public testimony.