Long Lasting Solutions

Since 1994, JKMickelson International has been providing custom software development solutions to international Fortune 100 companies as well as to small local businesses. The results have been exceptional with a large number of projects having a useful lifespan of 10 or more years before needing updates or replacement in order to attend to the client's changing business needs or IT infrastructure.

ROI - Return On Investment

The resiliency and flexibility needed for each business venture was accurately determined and effectively implemented into lasting solutions that not only included software, hardware, O/S configuration, etc., but also included effective changes to business processes to maintain system integrity, reduce workflow and effort, measurably increase productivity, reduce support costs, and increase profits by as much as 1,100% (or from $1,000,000 to $12,000,000) monthly.

High Integrity

Jonathan K Mickelson founded the company at the Lord's direction, and he has served his customers with dedication, honor and distinction as one serving before a Holy God. He has been recognized internationally for his ability to deliver world-class, corporate-to-corporate solutions in the Fortune 100 realm, while also building interpersonal working relationships of high integrity. Being highly intuitive and creative, Jonathan has continually met the business needs of all interested parties by knowing his own strengths and limitations and the strengths and limitations of others, and then providing sustainable and flexible technical and business process solutions that preserve the client's competitive edge.

Pursuing the beneficially good things

Being foremost a servant of God (as a living son), Jonathan's family has lovingly prospered, and his business practices remain mutually beneficial to business needs, family needs, and to a rare life's calling of an exceptional ministry in Jesus that shall benefit generations, and is already making a significant (but intentionally quiet) impact, even now.